Every driver hopes to enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride. When something feels off, you'll want to know why and get it fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes you can even feel service problems in your steering wheel.

To help drivers in Willow Grove, Abington, and Lower Southampton Township understand why your steering wheel is shaking, Sussman Hyundai looks at some common causes.

Off-Balanced Tires

Tire problems are the most common cause of steering wheel vibrations. Feeling your steering wheel shake is often a sign that you're overdue for a tire rotation or your wheels aren't balanced. Usually when your tires are to blame, you'll start to feel these vibrations when you hit speeds around 50 MPH. To be sure, you can check the tread on your tires. If it looks like it's wearing unevenly, you're probably overdue for tire maintenance.

Brake Problems

Your brake rotors can also cause your steering wheel to shake. There are a couple ways these can cause vibrations. First, if one of the rotors is warped or cracked, you'll feel it whenever you step on the brakes. The second culprit can be when one of the rotors sticks. On top of feeling this problem in your steering wheel, you may also smell burning rubber.


Shaking can also come from your suspension or wheels being out of alignment. Much like tires that need balancing, this can cause your tire tread to wear unevenly. You might also notice the vehicle pulling to one side when you're trying to go straight ahead.

Bad Wheel Bearings

Wheel hub bearings are in a prime spot to create some vibrations. They're located where your suspension and wheels meet. When they're properly lubricated, they make it easy for your wheels to spin without any friction building up. If they sustain any damage or aren't lubricated, that tension will run right down the axle, up the driveshaft, and straight to your steering wheel.

Visit Our Service Center

To learn more about why your steering wheel is shaking, and get it fixed, visit the service center at Sussman Hyundai. We have a team of experienced technicians who can help your vehicle run smoothly again. They're all certified and factory trained, so you can trust them to get everything working properly.

One of the ways our technicians look out for drivers in Willow Grove, Abington, and Lower Southampton Township is by taking care of your routine maintenance. They'll cover all your tire rotations, wheel alignment, and brake service, and inspect all the parts of your suspension.

Plus, we carry a large supply of OEM parts and accessories. That means if we ever have to replace a rotor or wheel bearing, our technicians can install one that was made to be the perfect fit for your model.

If you're due for maintenance or you feel any shaking or vibrations in your steering wheel, schedule a service appointment with us online.

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